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How to tell if your Akoury half helmet fits

cra90 side gloss thmMost riders are not sure how to tell if their Akoury helmet fits properly and safely. 

A half helmet such as an Akoury helmet or a Crazy Al's helmet that is too small will sit too high on your head and offer less protection as well as being uncomfortable and even painful.

A helmet that is too large will have wind lift and roll back on your head, causing neck fatigue.

Here is the correct way to tell if the helmet fits:

  1. Place the Akoury helmet or Crazy Al's helmet on your head and do not fasten the chin strap.
  2. Grasp the helmet at both sides and gently rock the helmet from front to back.
  3. As the helmet moves up and down on your forehead, notice if the helmet is sliding or if it is grabbing the skin.

If the helmet slides past your forehead up and down, it is too big.

If you see your eyebrows move as the helmet grabs your skin, the helmet fits.

Very simple and accurate.

Always wear a crash helmet and ride safely.


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