Hamrhead Helmet Smallest DOT

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♦Real Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass♦
Lighter, Stronger and Safer
Don’t be fooled by the cheap ABS plastic shells or carbon fiber “look” of lower-priced biker beanie helmets

Padded Ear Muffs for Smallest Dot Helmets

Reduces wind noise and great for cold weather riding.
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Product Details
Brand: Fits all small DOT
Model: Ear Muff
Condition: NEW
Style: Black Polar Fleece


Padded polar fleece-lined ear muffs for all styles of Small DOT Helmets with thin straps.

Comfortable soft lining with durable leather-like construction. Velcro closures fit perfectly and securely on all Small DOTHelmets and will block wind noise and cold air. Easily removable when not needed. Free shipping. Priced per pair.

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FIX IT with a  HamrHead Helmet, The World’s Smallest DOT Helmet and Lightest DOT Helmet

Blackbeard’s Gear is the authorized supplier of the Hamrhead Helmet, the worlds lightest, strongest and smallest low profile DOT certified half helmet.
REAL CARBON FIBER AND FIBERGLASS, not ABS Plastic like the other cheaper biker beanie helmets.

REAL CARBON FIBER AND FIBERGLASS, not Carbon Fiber “Look” like Badass or MicroDot

The HamrHead Helmet comes in three models, the original HamrHead Shortythe HamrHead Curve Matte Black and lightest and strongest HamrHead Curve Carbon Fiber.

All of our HamrHead Helmets come with the fast release ratchet chin strap, no D-Rings ever.
HamrHead Helmets weigh less than a 16 ounce bottle of water!

HamrHead Helmets are the ones you have been hearing about and are the Direct Replacements for your old Akoury Helmet.
We are proud to be an American Company and we ship immediately from our warehouse in the great state of South Carolina.
Our helmets are never dropped shipped from overseas like the cheaper brands.  

We have all sizes in stock, so order one now.  Helmets normally arrive at your door in 1-3 days.