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Got Mushroom Head? Fix it with an Akoury Helmet!

The World’s Smallest DOT Helmet

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Blackbeard’s Motorcycle Gear is one of the largest USA suppliers of the famous Akoury Helmet, the worlds lightest, strongest and smallest profile DOT certified half helmet. There have been many imitators, but none come close to the quality and finish of an Akoury Helmet.

The Akoury helmet comes in three models, the original AK-88, the AK-1 and the new all carbon fiber AK-66. The differences are subtle but important.

  • The Akoury AK-88 is a smooth shell beanie helmet which is available in both Gloss or Matte finish.

    Akoury AK-88 Helmet

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  • The Akoury AK-1 is nearly identical to the AK-88 except for two minor differences.

    Akoury AK-1 Helmet

    There is a small ridge across the back of the AK-1 and the liner has a distinctive red stripe. The helmets are identical in every other respect.

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  • The Akoury AK-66 is the newest addition to the Akoury family of helmets.

    Akoury AK-66 Helmet

    It comes in three styles; Matte, Gloss and the newest, a tight -weave, matte finish Carbon Fiber. The top liner is thinner and the helmet fits very low on the head. It has a distinctive curved lower back, which some call a SOA (Sons of Anarchy™) or Swat Helmet look.

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All of our Akoury Helmets come with the fast release ratchet chin strap feature, unlike our competitor’s other copycat helmets which still use old-fashioned D-Rings.

Whichever helmet you prefer, all Akoury helmets are the ones you have been hearing about.

No more Mushroom Head! No more Gazoo!

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Blackbeards has the fastest FREE shipping on the internet with a 3-day guaranteed delivery. Orders placed before 3PM will always ship the same day. Our helmets come with a no hassle money back guarantee. Our sizing charts are extremely accurate with a 95% success rate. If for any reason you are unhappy with our Akoury Helmets, just call us for a no-questions-asked size exchange or refund.

Yes, we have a customer service phone number and we answer the phone!

Our lines are always open and our customer service is the best in the industry.

We are located in the great USA and ship FREE using Priority 1, 2 or 3 day guaranteed shipping.
You will get your Akoury helmet FAST!!!

Don’t look like a mushroom head, order your Akoury Helmet today.

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