Akoury Videos

The Akoury low profile helmet is the original lightweight DOT half helmet.
There have been many copycats over the last 5 years, but none compare to the quality and finish of a genuine Akoury helmet.

Many of our competitors ask you to only use water to clean their helmets. This is because the finish of those helmets are not as durable as the Akoury. We regularly clean these helmets with dish-washing liquid to remove fingerprints from the matte finish and use our spray bike wax to polish the gloss models with no ill effects. That is something that our competitors are afraid to ask you to do.

The shells and liners of the Akoury helmet are far superior to any copy.

Make sure you get the best, get an Akoury.

Here are a couple of videos to help you see the helmets in action
and hopefully answer some of your questions.