Hamrhead Helmet

HamrHead Curve

Introducing the newest 2023 HamrHead Curve, the latest addition to the famous HamrHead low profile DOT line of helmets.

The HamrHead Curve is a completely redesigned helmet with a matte black finish and made of REAL FIBERGLASS..

The helmet has been designed with a new curved lowered back edge, often call a SOA (Sons of Anarchy™) or SWAT team look. Because the profile curves down, the helmet seems to fit even lower and smaller. It is both extremely lightweight and strong.

The HamrHead Curve  is a fully certified DOT half helmet that looks like a novelty helmet, but the quality of construction is a result of the finest materials and highest craftsmanship.

Blackbeard’s Motorcycle Gear has all sizes in stock for immediate delivery so order yours today and never have mushroom head again!