Look at the following image to determine your head profile:

If you are a “Round Oval”, the CURVE models will fit better

If you are an “Intermediate Oval”,  the SHORTY Models will fit better

How To Measure

Use a soft tape measure or piece of twine about one inch above your eyebrows, just at the top of your ears and around the fattest part of your head in the back.
Make sure the tape is level all around, make it comfortably snug, not super tight.
If your measurement falls between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size as the snugger fit will break in after a ride or two and fit comfortably.
Measure carefully using this chart to determine your size:

how to measure yoru head

Did you know that 98% of all returns are due to ordering the wrong size?

Save yourself the hassle and the *return shipping charges*.…take the time and measure correctly BEFORE you make a purchase! 

ALL helmets do NOT use the same size chart.
So, regardless of the helmet size you currently have or may have previously owned….it’s probably going to be a different size.