History of the Novelty Helmet

It’s pretty easy to figure out how this whole novelty helmet idea got started. Simple… “Helmet Laws”

Let’s face it, nobody looks cool in a motorcycle helmet. The image of riding free, wind in your hair and riding easy is completely ruined once you put on a helmet. After all, how can you look cool if you look like a spaceman and nobody can see your face?

When DOT helmet laws were enacted, there were a lot of riders who rebelled against the idea. The whole “Helmet Laws Suck” movement began. Riders would flaunt the laws in many ways. Some riders hung the helmet from their forearms, “Hey, I’m wearing a helmet.” Other riders discovered that there were toy helmets available that were small and light and might fool a cop. Get a fake DOT sticker, avoid a ticket and still escape that dreaded mushroom head look.

But as the cops got wise to this scam, it actually gave them a reason to pull you over. We weren’t fooling anybody.

Why fake stickers don’t work

The early attempts to regulate helmets called for a sticker on the back of the helmet showing just the word “DOT”. This made it very easy to get a fake sticker and slap it on your toy helmet and hope not to get pulled over. But the DOT got wise to this fast. The new standards were enacted stating that the helmet label on the back had to show both the manufacturer’s name and the model number. The plain generic DOT stickers were now very obvious and wham, cops had an easy job of seeing the fake helmets. Another ticket or two. Might as well give you a ticket for those loud pipes while you are here.

A better solution

As technology in materials and fabrication improved, helmet manufacturers soon realized that there could be a big demand for small, lightweight helmets that could actually be certified as DOT. Helmets started to become smaller and smaller. A typical half helmet 10 years ago weighed in at about 2 to 3 pounds. Ouch.

The smallest DOT helmets available today weigh in at an amazing 20 – 25 ounces, a big difference indeed. They became thinner and thinner. This basically allowed riders to get the look they wanted, not get ticketed and still be able to protect their brains. It was no longer a “No Brainer”, we could have an accident and maybe get to keep our brains.

Safe and still looking cool

Listen, I get it. We all want to look cool and not have the government tell us what to do. But at some point, we have to realize that being confined to a wheelchair and eating through a straw is not such a cool look either.

Of course, not all small DOT helmets are created equal. Most brands are made of cheap ABS plastic and only marginally protect you in the event of a crash. They may or may not pass testing and certification. HamrHead Helmets are made from the finest materials and are constructed of real carbon fiber and real fiberglass with superior retaining straps and quick release buckles. They exceed safety specifications and will protect your brain in the event of a crash.

A lot of riders tell us that when they cross a state line into a state without helmets laws, they continue to wear their HamrHead. They are so comfortable and lightweight, there is no reason to take it off. Go figure.

Make the right choice

Don’t let your ego and false pride convince you that a novelty helmet is a good idea. You can look just as cool in a HamrHead, and maybe live to tell about it.

Get yourself a HamrHead Helmet today, your brain will thank you.