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Smallest DOT Helmet - HamrHead Curve Carbon

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  • This is a badass helmet with a Jax Teller SOA Look.
  • Real Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass shell, not cheap ABS plastic like other lower priced Biker Helmets
  • REAL FULL LINER, not just a piece of cheap foam like other copy-cat brands
  • REAL CARBON FIBER, not just a fake print like other brands.
  • Great looking beanie helmet, no mushroom head...guaranteed, with a new lowered back profile !
  • SLIGHTLY ROUNDER FIT than the HamrHead Shorty, just as small and even lighter, only 20 ounces!
  • Ratchet Type Chin Strap - NO D-RINGS
  • The smallest legal Carbon Fiber helmet that still meets DOT standards.
  • The smallest legal ultra light weight Carbon Fiber helmet in the United States.
  • Available in Black Matte Carbon Fiber, 2XS thru 2XL.
  • Optional Ear Muffs Available

The sleekest, smallest DOT helmet around has arrived - say hello to the curve-contouring HamrHead Curve Carbon. Weighing in at just 20 ounces, its hand-laid carbon fiber shell provides safety without the bulk. The Curve's low, rounded profile sheds the notorious mushroom look for a slimmed-down, windswept contour you'll love.

Riders who demand lightweight performance and standout DOT style, this one's for you. The Curve Carbon clocks in at barely over a pound, its featherlight shell eliminating neck strain on long hauls. With options from 2XS to 2XL, riders of every size can experience its unmatched lightness. Whether you live for the rush of the open road or exploring backcountry twisties, the Curve Carbon brings slick, lightweight DOT protection to your ride.

Don't be fooled by lower-priced biker helmet websites that claim to sell Small DOT Helmets as they are counterfeit cheap ABS Plastic knockoff helmets with fake carbon-look prints.

HamrHead helmets are Real Fiberglass and Real Carbon-Fiber and superior in every way.
Blackbeard's is the only distributor of real HamrHead Helmets.

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