Place the helmet on your head so that the front of the helmet is about one inch above your eyebrows.
DO NOT buckle the chin strap!

If the helmet seems like it wants to rise up or pop up on your head, it is probably too small.
Next, place your hands with open palms on each side of the helmet so that your thumbs are extended toward the back, and your little fingers are toward the front. Gently rock the helmet up and down so that the front edge of the helmet moves toward your eyebrows and away from your eyebrows.

  • If the helmet slides across the skin of your forehead , the helmet is too big.
  • If the helmet grabs your skin and moves your eyebrows, the helmet fits.

This method is simple and shows whether or not there is enough skin friction to hold the helmet in place so it won’t ride back with wind lift.

Don’t be surprised if the helmet feels very tight at first, it will break in after a few rides and get more and more comfortable.