How to avoid the hassle of exchanges

Buying a helmet online can be a confusing and difficult experience. This is because every helmet manufacturer uses different sizing charts. You may be a large in a Harley-Davidson helmet, and a medium in some other brand. A common mistake is to assume that since your current helmet is a large, then you must be a large in any helmet you order online. Some people make the mistake of not measuring at all, and others measure their heads but refuse to believe the suggested size.

Why can’t all helmets be the same? Why is this so confusing? Why do full face helmets fit differently than the smallest beanie DOT helmets?

All brands are different

Actually, helmets are no different than any other item of clothing that you buy. How may times have you ordered a sweatshirt in your normal medium size, only to find out that it’s way too tight. What about jeans? And what about boots or shoes? Every pair seems to fit differently. Good luck getting a pair of gloves to fit if you don’t study the sizing charts carefully and take several measurements.

This is why it’s so very important to measure your head carefully as instructed several times. Read the sizing chart correctly and choose the recommended size. A lot of effort is put into designing these charts to be accurate, and second guessing them is never a good idea.

Beanie vs. Full Face Measuring

Full face helmets are more difficult to fit online because in addition to measuring around your head, you also have to consider the size of your face from forehead to chin and also whether your face is round oval or some other shape. The length of your hair can also be a factor to a greater extent.
Beanie helmets such as the HamrHead Smallest Dot Helmets, are actually easier to buy online because the only factors that come into play is the measurement around the top of your head and whether your head shape is round or oval. We recommend the Shorty Models for oval shaped heads and the Curve Models for rounder shaped heads. Either way, you will have a much higher success rate for a proper fit that if you were ordering a full-face helmet.

Trust the professionals at Blackbeard’s

HamrHead Helmets for Men and Women

We get a lot of feedback thru reviews at Blackbeards, and it’s amazing how many people comment “use the chart, I didn’t believe the chart but the helmet fits great.”

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to measure and your next HamrHead Helmet purchase will most likely fit perfectly. Of course, there will always be exceptions to any rule due to an unusual head shape or thickness (or lack of) hair. If you are uncertain, give our customer service department a call at 516-855-7553. They will always be happy to speak with you and have years of experience guiding our customers in the right direction.