Buying a Helmet – Measuring Correctly

How to avoid the hassle of exchanges

Buying a helmet online can be a confusing and difficult experience. This is because every helmet manufacturer uses different sizing charts. You may be a large in a Harley-Davidson helmet, and a medium in some other brand. A common mistake is to assume that since your current helmet is a large, then you must be a large in any helmet you order [Read More]

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Full-Face vs. Half Helmets

Smallest DOT Helmets

When it comes to choosing a motorcycle helmet, the two most common types are half helmets and full-face helmets. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on personal preference and riding style.
Smallest half helmets have several advantages that make them a popular choice among riders who prioritize comfort, style, and convenience over full-face protection. Many cruiser riders choose small helmets because they are much more comfortable and [Read More]

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Novelty Helmets – Bad Idea

History of the Novelty Helmet

It’s pretty easy to figure out how this whole novelty helmet idea got started. Simple… “Helmet Laws”

Let’s face it, nobody looks cool in a motorcycle helmet. The image of riding free, wind in your hair and riding easy is completely ruined once you put on a helmet. After all, how can you look cool if you look like a spaceman and nobody [Read More]

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Proper Care and Cleaning of Helmets

What could be simpler…

Cleaning and caring for your motorcycle helmet. Sounds easy, right?
It’s amazing how easy it is to ruin your brand-new helmet doing something so simple as cleaning it. Just go in the garage, grab a spray bottle of something and blast away. Wait, what? Don’t do it, you will most likely destroy your valued helmet. But don’t worry, cleaning your helmet is easier than you think.

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